New Blogger Template Designer

I was so thrilled to see that Blogger have just released a new Template Designer.

This was something that has been missing for Blogger in order for Blogger users to get nice looking custom designs.

I've been playing around with it and it's really rather excellent. My blog today was redesigned using the new editor in just under 5 mins.

You can read more about the new Template Editor here.

Also if you have any ideas about new features for the Template Editor you can go here and vote on existing suggestions or create your own suggestion.

Blogger Template Editor Product Suggestions

If you have used it to revamp/re-design your blog, leave your blog link in the comments below and I will rate it out of 10 and give you a 1 line review and suggestion for improvements.


  1. It is very good. Here is one we found

  2. Nice design ric, clean and simple

  3. I'm Julie, and I really like your site. My blog for rating is . Please scan over the posts too to let me know what your rating would be. ~Julie, Canada

  4. Hey Julie, very nice. If you don't mind I would make a little suggestion. You have a very nice background however the blue links and text in the left hand sidebar are a little hard to read. I would look at maybe changing the color to make it stand out a bit.

    Over all 7/10 for me :)

  5. Hi again! Thank you for the suggestion. Obviously, I like playing around with color. I had purposely tried to distance the sidebar and post background a little, through color. Although, because of your suggestions there are fewer text colors, they blend and they are more readable like as you suggested. And again thanks! I'm sure you'd approve :)

  6. Hey Julie, that looks much nicer on the eye :) Good stuff!

  7. This new template editor is not supported by IE6 and almost 10% of visitors still uses IE6. Would you care to comment on this? This blog template was created by the new template editor right? Maybe I will try viewing it with IE6

  8. IE6 - It's an 10 year old browser with tons of security problems and
    rendering issues. You should try to upgrade change to Internet
    Explorer 7 or 8, Chrome, Safari 3 and 4, Opera 8,9,10 and 10, Firefox

    All the big sites like YouTube/MSN/Yahoo will all stop supporting it
    within the next month.

  9. Hi

    My name is Lawrence. I am using this:

    But I do not think it is suitable for me

  10. I like playing round with color. I had purposely endeavored to expanse the sidebar and mail backdrop a little, through color. Although, because of your proposals there are less text colors, they combine and they are more readable like as you suggested

  11. This is awesome, remembers me of ledlampen