Fixing the Lastpass Errors

Like many people I've been suffering from not being able to access my account since the potential hack of the Lastpass site.

I finally managed to get it working by following these instructions step by step.

1) Turn off Modem and Router
2) Turn off PC
3) Reboot PC but leave the Modem and Router off
4) Load up your browser
5) Clear both Cookies and Cache on the Browser (very important)
6) Remove the Lastpass Extension from your browser
7) Close your browser
8) Start your Modem and Router
9) Once connected load your Browser
10) Re-install the Lastpass Extension
11) Log back on using your original password before the hack
12) If that does not work and you changed your password after the hack then try the new password.

If you are still not working now try to log in via

Failing that email their support


  1. How/where do you change your master password? I didn't even know that it was possible.

    Acess masterpassword reset via the icon in browser, go to Preferences, then when a window
    opens up go to Account Settings on the left hand side. Note ,it may still be offline to a lot of users-you will get a notice if thats the case. See the Help file for more

    opens up need to go to

  3. it may still be offline to many of users-you will get a observe if that's the case. See the Help document for more

  4. Hum. The problem I have sometimes encountered and repairing it is really a difficult issue for me. Thank you for sharing this article.

  5. See the Help document for more..........

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    it may still be off-line to many of users-you will get a notice if that's the situation. See the Help papers for more

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