My 1 Month Cloud Computing Challenge - Day 4

Day 3 has been posted below.

This is something I've been thinking about doing for a while..... I hope you can follow along with me and offer any advice help along the way.

What is the Cloud Computing Challenge
Simply put, to see if I can do all my day to day stuff entirely in the Cloud, that is without using any software or file on my hard disk (with the exception of the my Browser (Chrome) and Windows 7).

This means that everything I do on my computer I have to do entirely within my browser and I'm not allowed to store or use any files onto my PC.

How long will the Challenge Last
I'm going to see if I can last 1 full month using nothing but my Browser.

When does it start?
Now! From this post onwards I will use nothing but my Browser.

I will update this post regularly as I face new hurdles and need advice software.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

New Blogger Template Designer

I was so thrilled to see that Blogger have just released a new Template Designer.

This was something that has been missing for Blogger in order for Blogger users to get nice looking custom designs.

I've been playing around with it and it's really rather excellent. My blog today was redesigned using the new editor in just under 5 mins.

You can read more about the new Template Editor here.

Also if you have any ideas about new features for the Template Editor you can go here and vote on existing suggestions or create your own suggestion.

Blogger Template Editor Product Suggestions

If you have used it to revamp/re-design your blog, leave your blog link in the comments below and I will rate it out of 10 and give you a 1 line review and suggestion for improvements.

How to Share your Content with AddThis

Ok, today we're going to take a look about how to add the popular "Add This" button to your Blogger blog. It's a great way to allow readers to share your content on a number of social media sites.